All COVID-19 Travel Restrictions to Seychelles Are Removed

All COVID-19 Travel Restrictions to Seychelles Are Removed

Thu, 01 December 2022

As of 1 December 2022, Bulgarian citizens can travel to Seychelles without restrictions and requirements related to COVID-19, according to Seychelles Ministry of Health.

However, all visitors will be required to complete a mandatory Travel Authorization form here and provide valid travel health insurance to cover any potential costs related to COVID-19.

The Travel Authorization form is compulsory and serves as official permission to travel to Seychelles. This service requires minimal fees and the submission of the following information:
- Travel Information
- Flight Itinerary
- Proof of accommodation
- Valid passport
- Selfie photo
- Contacts

Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated visitors disembarking in Seychelles will not be required to present a negative PCR or antigen test to be allowed entry into the country. Similarly, fully vaccinated passengers would not require to show proof of vaccination either.

Commenting on the matter, Mrs Sherin Francis, Principal Secretary for Tourism, stated that this indicates that the industry’s recovery is almost complete. As a small island destination, Seychelles being heavily dependent on tourism, we needed the last of these measures to be removed and for travel to be as unobstructed as possible.

"Similar to 15th March 2021, 1st December 2022 will be a date to be remembered for Seychelles. We took many risks while navigating our way through the recovery of our local tourism industry, and it has borne fruit. Today, as the destination’s arrival numbers are skyrocketing to pre-pandemic figures, we mark another important moment for travellers. It is yet another milestone for our industry, and we anticipate that this decision will be one that would boost travel to our small destination," said Mrs Francis.

Visitors planning a holiday in Seychelles are encouraged to book their accommodation and leisure activities through licensed local service providers and operators.

Consisting of 115 islands, Seychelles is a pristine paradise, renowned for its turquoise waters and emerald rain forests, and is the only group of granitic islands in the world. Truly Another World, the Seychelles Islands possess unique features sure to capture the hearts of wanders across the globe.

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