Republic of Seychelles wins the Star Luxury Destination Award for 2022.

Republic of Seychelles wins the Star Luxury Destination Award for 2022.

Wed, 16 November 2022

Seychelles has been awarded the prestigious Star Luxury Destination award for the world's most preferred luxury destination. Seychelles managed to beat some of the most popular destinations, with Maldives, Mauritius, Barbados, Jamaica and Santa Lucia among the nominees.  The award was presented to the Seychelles Tourist Board and the event was organised by Travel Bulletin, one of the UK's most influential travel media.

The award ceremony took place during a dazzling ceremony in London and guests included key representatives from the global tourism sector. The winner was chosen by readers of the Travel Bulletin, who seeing the magical scenery and uniquely diverse nature of the archipelago were instantly captivated.

Translated with (free version) “It is an honor to win and to be recognized by the industry, especially as a small island destination, and not to mention, in the wake of the pandemic. It is the first Travel Bulletin Awards following the hardships that disrupted the Tourism Industry worldwide. The competition was surely tough, especially when standing against other popular destinations, but we made it. It's amazing to see that Seychelles is still relevant on the market and that all our hard work to put it back on the map was worth it,” said Karen Confait, member of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

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