The First Direct Flight from Bulgaria to Seychelles Landed in the Capital Victoria

The First Direct Flight from Bulgaria to Seychelles Landed in the Capital Victoria

Sat, 29 January 2022

The first direct flight from Bulgaria to Seychelles with 175 passengers on board landed at the capital's Victoria International Airport early this morning. They were met by representatives of the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, tour operators, and representatives of hotel chains.

The tourists started their holiday with warm hospitality, local musicians and dancers right at the airport.
Watch a video of the welcome here.

The flight was realized by Bulgaria Air, with the cooperation of the largest Seychelles tour operator 7South, their Bulgarian partners - the tour operators Planet Travel Center, Luxutour, Marbro Tours, Exotic Holiday, as well as with the active support of the Honorary Consulate General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria.

Upon departure, at Sofia Airport the passengers were welcomed by Mr. Maxim Behar, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria, and received from him a special membership card for the club "Friends of Seychelles in Bulgaria".

"A dream I have been working on for 18 years has finally come true. Traveling to the most beautiful destination in the world. Enjoy your holiday, the beaches, the wonderful people there. Take pictures, experience, share, and I know you will return as true friends to Seychelles," said Mr. Maxim Behar.

"We are actively working to double routes from Sofia, including direct services to exotic destinations such as Seychelles and Maldives. Sofia Airport is more than just a runway and terminals, we aim to promote destination Bulgaria and expand the flight network on a daily basis," said Jesus Caballero, CEO of SOF Connect.

"I will never forget that day last May when Maxim called me and said 'It's time for a direct flight, let's get started!' And here it is now! This is a historic event for both countries. With Mr. Maxim Behar, whom I thank very much, we have worked very hard, we have found the right partners to be able to open this door of friendship, of a new relationship between our countries, and I hope that from now on we will have regular flights between our two countries," said Anna-Butler Payette, CEO of 7South.

The second charter flight to Seychelles is already full. It takes off from Sofia on 25 February. The exotic country has become increasingly popular among Bulgarians, who will now be greatly facilitated in their travel there. They are only admitted with a negative PCR test, with no quarantine requirement.

Learn more about the entry conditions here.

Dates of the second direct flight to Seychelles:
❖ 25 February 2022 - 06 March 2022

More flight information:
Sofia - Djibouti 19:40 - 02:00 (+1)
Djibouti - Mahe 02:40 - 07:00
Mahe - Djibouti 21:00 - 23:10
Djibouti - Sofia 23:50 - 04:35 (+1)

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