New measures take effect as COVID-19 cases rise

New measures take effect as COVID-19 cases rise

Mon, 25 January 2021

New measures come into effect in the Republic of Seychelles due to the growing number of positively tested individuals and the increasing spread of COVID-19, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles.

As of January 25, 2021, an additional 167 cases were recorded over three days, bringing the total to 1033, 349 of which are active. 681 people in total recovered from the virus and 3 people died.

From January 23, 2021, Seychelles imposes curfew until February 15, 2021, and no person within the country’s territory shall be outside of the person’s place of residence between 8:00 PM and 4:00 AM of the following day, introduced by the Public Health Commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon.

The prohibition of outdoor movement does not apply to:

(1) an authorized worker or contractor of the provider of a service or of an entity;

(2) a person seeking access to hospital, medical, health and police services;

(3) a person that has been authorized by the Commissioner of Police to leave the person’s place of residence for any purpose

The new order also introduces the following anti-epidemic measures:

- Prohibition of all social gatherings of more than 4 people, whether outdoor or indoor, from 23 January 2021 until further notice, unless they are part of one household, at school or at workplace.

- All sporting activities, games (including water sports, the playing of dominoes and cards) and any similar activities outside the confines of the person’s place of residence are prohibited. Exceptions are individual exercises such as jogging and walking.

- All shops or retail outlets except those selling food items, groceries, essential baby and sanitary products, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and hardware shall be closed for service to the public. The open retail outlets are with reduced working hours.

- All premises remain closed, except for restaurants and bars located in hotels, guest houses and the international airport terminal.

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