Seychelles' new government sworn in

Seychelles' new government sworn in

Wed, 11 November 2020

The new Seychelles’ government was sworn in at State House in Victoria , in the presence of the newly elected President of the Republic Wavel Ramakalavan.

The members of the Cabinet sworn-in comprise of:

  • Jean-François Gabriel Ferrari, Minister for Fisheries;
  • Naadir Nigel Hamid Hassan, Minister for Finance, Economic Planning & Trade;
  • Charles Errol Fonseka, Minister Internal Affairs;
  • Antony Gerard Derjacques, Minister for Transport, Land Transport, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine;
  • Peggy Antoinette Vidot, Minister for Health;
  • Marie-Celine Zialor, Minister for Youth, Sports & Family;
  • Devika Sumitra Kathrina Vidot, Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship & Industry;
  • Rose-Marie Stella Hoareau, Minister for Local Government & Community Affairs;
  • Flavien Philomel Joubert, Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment;
  • Justin Davis Valentin, Minister for Education Patricia Juliette Francourt, Minister for Employment & Social Affairs

The additional two Ministers, already appointed by the National Assembly, Sylvestre Radegonde and Billy Rangasamy, who recently returned to the country, are still under quarantine. Once sworn into office, Radegonde will head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, and Rangasami will be responsible for the Ministry of Lands and Housing.

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