The Seychelles is 250 years old!

The Seychelles is 250 years old!

Fri, 28 August 2020

On 27.08. The Seychelles celebrated 250 years since the arrival of the first settlers on the island!

Looking back the last 250 years can describe Seychelles as a "beautiful country with a rich history." On the occasion of the holiday we have prepared some facts about the country:

-        France took over the islands in 1756 under the command of Captain Nicola Morfe.

-        The Seychelles is named after Jean Moreau de Séchelles, France's finance minister under Louis XV.

-        In 1903, the Seychelles became a British colony.

-        1976 was the year in which the country became independent, and the first president elected was James Mancham.

"250 years may not be much for world history, but for us they are full of significant events!" Said Danny Faure in his speech to mark the anniversary. "The most significant event for us is the creation of the Seychelles nation - a nation with its own identity, language and culture", he added.

Despite its aging, the Seychelles remains a wonderful, heavenly place that enjoys thousands of visitors every year! Happy holiday, Seychelles!

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