Мaxim Behar Elected President of the World Communication Forum

Мaxim Behar Elected President of the World Communication Forum

Wed, 19 June 2019

The Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar was elected President of the World Communication Forum (WCFA), registered in Switzerland. The election process was conducted with an online voting by the 21-member Board of the Forum during the whole last week. Behar will be supported by 5 Vice Presidents who will be responsible for different aspects of the Forum’s activity.

“To be elected President of the World Communications Forum is a great honor and responsibility for me. At the same time this is an important recognition for everything I have done for the business so far, and also a significant accomplishment both for Bulgaria and for the Bulgarian PR business”, commented Maxim Behar.

Maxim Behar is one of the founders of the World Communication Forum in 2010. He has participated in all its editions and has been a Member of the Board since the first day of the Forum. His presentations “A PR expert never gives up” and “A PR expert never gets old” are part of the Forum’s Golden fund and his book “111 Rules on Facebook” was officially presented during the first event in Davos. Until last year, Maxim Behar was a President of the World PR Organization ICCCO – the largest community in this business worldwide.

Annually, the Forum gathers communication experts from all over the world. Until last year the meetings were held in Davos, but now they take place in Geneva mainly due to its communicative location. Moreover, every year regional forums are organized in other cities – Prague, Moscow, Istanbul, Yekaterinburg, Paris, Yerevan, Kuala Lumpur, Kiev and others.

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