Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan
On 26th October 2020, Mr. Ramkalawan was sworn in as President of the Republic of Seychelles

Mr. Ahmed Afif
Vice President
Responsible for Information, Blue Economy, Investment and Industry, Information Communication Technology, Disaster Risk Management, Civil Society and Religious Affairs, and the Inner and Outer Islands

Mrs. Rose Marie Hoareau
Minister for Local Government 

Mr. Joel Morgan
Minister for Education and Human Resource Development

Mr. Jean-Paul Adam
Minister of Health and Social Affairs

Mr. Charles E. Fonseka
Minister of the Interior

Mr. Didier Dogley
Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine

Mrs. Marie-Celine Zialor
Minister for Youth, Sports & Culture

Mr. Anthony Derjacques
Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport

Mr. Flavien Joubert
Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change

Mrs. Myriam Télémaque
Minister for Employment, Immigration & Civil Status

Mr. Charles Bastienne
Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture

Mr. Naadir Hassan
Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planning

Mrs. Devika Vidot
Minister for Industry, Entrepreneurship Development & Business Innovation